23 September 2016

Which is the best self defence system in the world?

Once I was asked "Which is the best self defence system in the world?"

Well, that is a very common question in the martial arts community. Is it Karate or Judo? Or is Krav Maga better than Jiu-Jitsu? What about Anti Terror Combat or the well known Kung Fu?

What’s the best self defence system Master Horst? 

I think I can give you the simple answer to that.

The Smith & Wesson System.


19 September 2016

Great success and much to learn at mindfulness seminar with Bridport martial arts school

It was a great success and much to learn at mindfulness seminar with Bridport martial arts school Ichinen Bridport. On Sunday the 18th the seminar took place at the Dojo in Loders / Dorset.

The teaching was separated in three parts. First Grandmaster Horst Lindenau demonstrated the "do's and don't s" within real self defence. Probably the most important: You can't always run and ... honestly, where we live the risk of being attacked is rather small. But hey, better prepared than surprised!

Bridport instructor, Master Brian Lovell gave an introduction into the fabulous world of Tai Chi. Students were shown the first steps into this fine art of physical enlightenment. The beginner and the advanced students enjoyed Brian's professional and relaxed approach to demonstrate his Tai Chi style.

The third teaching of this day was held by martial arts master Melvyn Wright from Beaminster / Dorset who came to lead a meditation session and give the students a first glimpse of what mediation can be. Melvyn who practises meditation more professional the last six years got the students caught with his kind and calm way of teaching. Meditation really is good for everyone and can improve life if practised regularly.

Tai Chi instructor Brian Lovell / Bridport teaches a beginners form 

Tai Chi instructor Brian Lovell talks with Taekwon Do master Damian Burton at the mindfulness seminar

After four hours of concentration and relaxation all students received a beautiful certificate to remember this unique seminar. And it is just the right thing to do says Grandmaster Horst Lindenau: " It's good to be a student again and learn new skills".

16 September 2016

Ichinen Bridport now IMASA member

Great news for all. Bridport martial art school Ichinen Bridport has become a member of the Independent Martial Art Sports Association  http://www.independentmartialartsportsassociation.co.uk/ IMASA.

IMASA will be our organisation and partner in the future and provides us with not only insurance cover for all our styles (Jiu-Jitsu, Anti Terror Combat and Karate), but gives us a great platform to interact with other martial art clubs near by and  all over the UK. And probably the most important is, that we can run our local martial art school from here completely independent. Step by step we will now replace the old AMA memberships into IMASA membership and what is most important: 

Training stays the same!

26 August 2016

Bridport martial artist now 4th Kyu

Graham Dring from Ichinen Bridport graduated as 4thy Kyu Jiu Jitsu. Graham demonstrated his skills with partner Charlie Gregson last Thursday at the Bridport dojo.

A few photos show Graham and Charlie performing the orange belt program.

Well done Graham and big congratulations from all of us!

18 August 2016

New class starts 15th of September in Bridport

The beginner course for the traditional japanese martial art Jiu Jitsu starts Thursday the 15th of September. We meet at the British Legion Hall, Victoria Grove, DT6 3AD. Training begins at 7.00 pm and last an hour and a half.You are very welcome and please arrive abit earlier for registering. You don't need to be fit to join and start. Any age from 16 years on is reasonable. Our range is from 16 to 64!

We learn Jiu Jitsu for personal growth and train body & mind. The skills we teach and learn are focused on personal self defence. No sports! Martial art! And it is good fun, good physical workout and we all very friendly. See you there!

ps. any further questions please phone 07968 235486

13 August 2016

2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu for master Horst Lindenau

Master Horst Lindenau Jiu Jitsu career

Martial Arts Association International awarded Master Horst Lindenau the 2nd Dan in traditional japanese Jiu Jitsu. The head examiner was Shihan Master Marco Gevatter, 6th Dan / Germany.

Master Horst: "I have started Jiu Jitsu training in 1987 in Germany. Before that I studied Judo and Shotokan Karate. In 1989 I graduated as 1st Dan Jiu Jitsu with Budo Akademie Europa / Germany.

Between my 1st Dan and today are 27 years of training, studying and educating students. Some of them are now as high in rank as 1st to 7th Dan. Since then I have trained over 500 students in Jiu Jitsu. 

Attended at over 150 seminars international and have hosted myself more than 150 seminars. Beside my engagement in traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu I have studied many more styles. 

Shotokan Karate, All Style Do Karate, Anti-Terrorkampf, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Close Combat, Ajukate, Street Fighting, Ninjutsu and Judo. 

Beside my work with Jiu Jitsu I am the founder of TerLiMa (self defence), set up a study group to introduce Glima in Germany and today I am the co founder and president of Anti Terror Combat.

My highest martial art grade is a 6th Dan in Anti Terror Combat. Beside that I hold a 1st Dan in TerLiMa, 1st Dan British Street fighting, 2nd Dan Anti-Terrorkampf and I got awarded the 2nd Dan Atemi Combat. If you like to train with me, direct or online go to www.antiterrorcombat.com or http://jiu-jitsuinbridport.blogspot.co.uk/ and www.ichinenbridport.com

I am very proud about myself today and I like to thank everybody who was involved in my education, especially my masters and my students all over the world. Oss!"

25 July 2016

Bridport martial artists attend special self defence seminar

On July 24th some members of Ichinen Bridport attended a special transport seminar at Loders / Dorset. The seminar was hosted by the Anti Terror Combat organisation in the UK. Master Horst Lindenau of Ichinen Bridport (6th Dan) and Master Steve Powell (3rd Dan) were showing special techniques how one can defend oneself in and around a car and on any public transport.

18 July 2016

Honour and respect

Not the people with great talent are the ones they receive the black belt first. No, it is the people with respectfulness, stern discipline, honour and power of endurance they stand out. And that is what we teach you at Ichinen Bridport first. 
Master Horst Lindenau 2016

04 July 2016

Another seminar you don't want to miss

Official Invitation
Self defence on means of transport

At this seminar you will learn how to deal with attacks in and around your car and on public transport like the bus or train. The seminar is designed for the serious martial artist who wants to stay up-to-date with skills and ... safe!

You will train inside the dojo as well as outside at the carpark.

Loders Village Hall / Loders DT6 3SA
Sunday the 24th of July 1 - 5 pm

Host is Anti Terror Combat. High profile martial arts masters will show you the best in modern self defence. It’s the real stuff!

Master Horst Lindenau (6.Dan) and Master Steve Powell (3.Dan)
This seminar adds towards the Anti Terror Combat badges and the cost for four hours qualified teaching is only £ 22 !!

Book online >>> www.antiterrorcombat.com
Book via phone >>> 07968 235486
Find us on Facebook  >>> Anti Terror Combat transport seminar

30 June 2016

Youngest martial artist of the month in Bridport

Karateka Oliwia Teichert (9) from Bridport is the nominated martial artist of the month June 2016 at our local martial art school Ichinen Bridport. Oliwia trains once a week under instruction of Master Steve Powell and she is strongly preparing now for her second grading, the orange belt.

Oliwia was nominated as our martial artist of the month for her outstanding performance and, of course, she is our littlest :)

Well done Oliwia and congratulations from all of us !!

Martial artist Oliwia Teichert is the martial artist of the month June 2016

23 June 2016

An evening at the dojo

The pictures show a training session last Tuesday at local martial art school Ichinen Bridport. The class runs two hours and students train Jiu Jitsu and Karate.

Same evening Wayne Powell and Graham Dring were instructed by Master Aaron Fuest in the use of the bokken. and the youngest, Karateka Ksawery (11) from Bridport graduated as orange belt in Karate and Master Steven Powell passed the Ichinen Bridport certificate to young Ksawery, who was ever so pleased after all was successfully done.

Iaido and Ju Jutsu Master Aaron Fuest teaches Wayne Powell and Graham Dring the bokken

Christian Skeels gets threatened at gunpoint by Charlie Gregson. Hands up! 
... and down the gun is...

After the session. Master Aaron Fuest and Master Steve Powell

15 June 2016

Bridport martial art Master Aaron Fuest

We at Ichinen Bridport are very pleased to have Master Aaron Fuest as a member of honor in our ranks. In this video Master Aaron demonstrates Iaido.

12 June 2016

Martial Artist attacked by a group

You are better off with a real street defence system to protect your life and health. Anti Terror Combat provides real self defence skills and keeps you safe
Martial artist attacked by a group (text taken from http://www.presseportal.de/polizeipresse/p_story.htx?firmaid=35235)

"In der Nacht auf Sonntag wurde in der Innenstadt ein 25 Jahre alter Bremer überfallen. Eine Gruppe von sechs bis acht Personen schlug ihn nieder und entwendete Geld aus seinem Portmonee. Der 25-Jährige wurde im Bereich Marktplatz - Domshof - Domsheide von Mitgliedern der Gruppe angesprochen: "Geld her oder es knallt! Die Forderung ignorierend setzte der Bremer seinen Weg zunächst zu Fuß fort. Zwei Gruppenmitglieder erwiesen sich aber als besonders aggressiv und griffen ihn an. Da der 25-Jährige über langjährige Kampfsporterfahrung verfügt, setzte er sich zur Wehr und rang seine beiden Gegner nieder. Das war für den Rest der Gruppe das Zeichen, ebenfalls auf den Angegriffenen loszugehen. Mehrere Personen schlugen -unter anderem mit einem Teleskopschlagstock- auf den Sportler ein, verletzten ihn dabei und raubten ihn aus."

Well I better translate: A man with several years experience in the Martial Arts was robbed, beaten and injured in the City of Bremen. (That’s where I come from, that’s why I mention it here). At first there is nothing so unusual with this incident. Fights, robbery, all this is common nowadays.

What I like to point out is, you might train even for years some Martial Art. But when it comes to a real street fight, often the Martial Artist finds he is helpless. Why is that? First, there is a different environment, not the comfy dojo. Then there is no referee who says “Yame”, when one gets injured. And last not least, the real fight in the streets can take longer than the 2 or 3 minutes rounds in a competition.

Final it is all a question what you looking for in your Martial Arts. We here at Ichinen Bridport do Jiu-Jitsu (Saddam Hussein would have said: “The mother of the Martial Arts”). And one of our main aims to do so, is to train the best of street self defence! The best self defence is provided by Anti Terror Combat. You can learn these skills too at Ichinen Bridport martial arts school.

The advantage of private tuition

The advantage of private tuition is unchallengeable. Weather you are a member of a regular martial art class already or you have no commitment at all in the moment and look for a way to get active again. A private lesson will give you this ignition to do something for yourself.

Master Horst Lindenau offers now to one or two students private 1:1 teaching in the martial arts. It is possible to connect two students too. Master Horst is a licensed  sports teacher for martial arts and yoga with over 27 years of experience as a martial art instructor.

If you are serious about your training and learning don't miss out this opportunity in the Bridport area. There are not many skilled teachers around like master Horst Lindenau and you don't need to travel too far for your tuition, if you live in the Bridport area.

The training is either in the Bridport Dojo or even can be arranged at your home. The costs are calculated on what package you book and how often you like and need training.

You can get trained in the following arts

Jiu-Jitsu is the most complete solution if it comes to martial arts. You can say "it is the mother of the martial arts". With Jiu-Jitsu you will gain skills for not only self defence but you train your mental attitude as well. The style Master Horst teaches is traditionell, effective and convincing.

Anti Terror Combat is a radical self defence. With these skills your life becomes safer and it is "easy to learn".

Yoga does not need much explanation. Yoga is the oldest form of physical training, probably 5000 years the first traces can be dated back. Today Yoga became a big industry in the western world. If you don't like or cannot join a regular local Yoga class, master Horst is a graduated Yoga instructor and a Tantra Yoga teacher.

Training available for male and female over the age of 12 years. There is no age limit upward.

If you live in the Bridport area ring Master Horst on 07968 235486.
Visit the Bridport martial art school Facebook site on Ichinen Bridport and get even more information on our main website.

Look forward to meet you !